Casa Nova represents an outstanding example of mid-Victorian domestic architecture. Built in 1861 by gentleman owner and early run holder, Mark Noble, Casa Nova is the earliest mansion in Ōamaru to be built of the local limestone and has significant architectural, historic and technological value.

The period home was designed to replicate his gentry family home, Danets Hall, in the English county of Leicester. Made of local Oamaru stone, the two-storey dwelling features five bedrooms and six bathrooms, decorated in a colonial style upstairs, and multiple stately dining and drawing rooms, downstairs. Fast forward, it was love at first sight when Katrina McLarin and Brenda Laverick first drove through the gates of Casa Nova House in 2019. The visionary pair of entrepreneurs decided to convert the property into a luxury bed and breakfast, special event, and dining venue. Two years later, after a challenging renovation journey, the 160-year-old Oamaru stone mansion has been restored, possibly beyond its former glory, with great attention to detail and no expense spared.

The owners’ interior design approach to this traditional residence focused on both formality and playfulness, leading to bold interior design choices. From the whimsical wallpaper to the custom-made Feltex Woven carpet, the 570sq m building is a visual feast.
In keeping with the buildings English origins and as further acknowledgement to its Historic Place Category 1 listing; sumptuous Emma J Shipley Wallpaper by Clarke & Clarke were selected – a different pattern and colouration for each bedroom and bathroom, infusing individual personalities into each space. The challenge was to find a carpet that was not only eclectic but would complement each of these exotic patterns.

Designed and used successfully over the last two decades, Fast Track® balances the best of complete custom design with the convenience of shorter lead times and the ability to accommodate small order quantities, to deliver an exceptional Axminister carpet for a single residential property such as Casa Nova House.

The carpet pattern and colours of Casa Nova woven carpet were hand-picked by the owners to instil a sense of country-house grandeur and resonate with all other interiors finishes. Following a simple process, the owners picked a classic floral design and recoloured it with rich and jewel-like colours: blues, greens, purples, even hints of gold and warm reds. Then a small prototype sample of the finished carpet was prepared and supplied for approval.

What we’re trying to do, in almost every element of being in Casa Nova, is to create some type of emotion.

- Casa Nova, Ms McLarin.

Godfrey Hirsts’ custom woven carpets provide more options to customise the colouration and flooring for each individual project. Godfrey Hirsts’ Fast Track® is available in four different face weights for minimum of 20 lineal metres, offering true flexibility and customisation.
Once approved by the owners, the manufacturing process began, and the bespoke design carpet was delivered in 8 weeks. Made from an 80/20 wool blend using premium New Zealand wool, the blend combines the comfort of wool with the strength and durability of nylon, which assures it performs well.
With Fast Track, traditional Axminster carpets can be used in both commercial and residential settings. The higher end of the New Zealand domestic market is showing an unpreceded demand for textured and patterned carpets.

Our custom Axminister solution helped our clients to create their own version of classically eclectic country-house style.

- GH Commercial Team.

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Feltex Fast Track® Custom Woven Carpet.